Louise de la Laing is an educated goldsmith (2012) and jewellery designer from the Institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen (2016). Having roots in France and Italy, Louise has a strong passion for colours, form and structure as well as a love for precious metals. Her passion shows as colours, gemstones, classic and untraditional materials are combined to create unique pieces of art. The pieces are inspired by everything from architecture to nature to favourite rockstars like Stevie Nicks.
The jewellery appeals to brave and strong women who dare to challenge a mixture of Nordic cold style with a colourful and exclusive universe. “I usually start with an idea, develop the design, carefully select the materials and then create the finished piece of jewellery. The process of creating and the combination of design and craft is what fascinates me. Admiring the finished jewellery is an enchanting feeling.” All jewellery is handmade in our own Copenhagen based workshop and store. If you require custom made jewellery please don’t hesitate to contact us.